Erectile Dysfunction and a Medical Anthropologist’s Perspective

Eight weeks ago I began nutritional consultation with a man that was utilizing testosterone shots every 2 weeks and Cialis daily. His medical history included sepsis which was surprising considering he appeared to be a man much younger than his age and in top percentile of health according to his doctor. Health is an accumulation of building blocks stacking up, this stacking can be healthy or unhealthy. Diet, exercise and environment of course were all contributing factors. You are what you eat, but you are also what you eat, breath and absorb.

He amazed me when he stated one month of Cialis was $250 and each shot was $150. Insurance covered the shots but only covered $50 of the Cialis. He wanted more options than what he was being given. He had made many changes in his diet and his exercise was sufficient, so we began addressing his hormone levels and how to naturally boost them instead of artificial replacement.

Chronic usage of testosterone is a crutch for the body. The body stops manufacturing testosterone if it doesn’t have to, so the answer is not replacement but triggering production. This is the goal of intensive nutrition, to trigger healing body. Cialis also has many cardiac side effects that alter the rhythm of the heart. He wanted to heal his body not add a possible future condition.

Divorce was also a player in this man’s condition. The lack of female support from a partner had a direct impact on his ego and confidence moving forward into the dating world. He felt he was in a catch 22, he wanted to date but didn’t feel that he could perform or meet expectations of dating and this intimidation only compounded his predicament.

Core issues are not addressed by Cialis. Cialis is not going to fix your diet, your dating life, your environment or your support system. It does not come with that tub on the beach or a beer. Medical Anthropology addresses the forest instead of the single tree. He began intensive nutritional therapy, began dating, and is now reporting a healthy sex life without the Cialis or testosterone.

ED is not brought up in casual conversation unless it comes in the form of a joke, and yes my wording may be purposeful and humorous to lighten the load of this charged subject. As a woman who has obviously no experience in this area to draw from I will admit that I am aggravated by Viagra and Cialis commercials. I have witnessed the debilitating effects it has had on this man and the vicious circle he was stuck in. I am greatly honored to have been able to help him.

I am now in another dilemma how can I help other men with this condition, without spending millions to try to compete with pharmaceutical marketing. Helping him was incredibly rewarding. He has life again. When I say I consult health in this context it can be assumed that I take a broader spectrum than I wish to. And some have tried to take advantage of the idea of female consultant in this arena.

I offer possible solutions, that may vary from client to client in adjustment to diet, nutrition, environment and exercise and yes the penis is a muscle and if not used it will atrophy just like any other muscle, physical therapy is essential. I however do not participate in the physical therapy I only advise and encourage partners to utilize aspects of their private life in a clinical mode. All consultation is strictly confidential.


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