BPA, estrogen, me, my friend and my cat…

You have all heard me rage against BPA.  It is an auto immune disruptor and more specifically an estrogen mimicker, science has shown this again and again. It is in your bottled water, it is in the tap water, it is in the ocean. It is linked to obesity and cancer. A friend of mine did her dissertation on it and effectively weaned me off all plastic, the BPA free substitutes being used are no better.

Modern medicine has done some interesting things but the guy who invented birth control, bless him as I believe in women’s choices, must not have lived with a woman or he was just crazy as the last thing any woman needs is more estrogen, or more estrogen mimickers, spend some time in a park with a herd of young girls if you don’t believe me.

I have had a severe experience with birth control, it gave me migraines, not headaches, migraines, the kind that you’re sure you would rather be beheaded for, than deal with migraines, the ones that make unbearable time come to a complete stand still. Had to get my time element in so I can claim to have a thread in my blogs…

I had a wonderful friend/neighbor while attending paramedic school.  She came over one day and sweetly told me that she was going on the pill. I really thought, ok…. so what….? Then she proceeded to tell me what happens when she goes on the pill. It only lasts for the first month, but I turn into a crazy woman.  Now to give you some perception on this beautiful girl inside and out, she was raised Mennonite, very strict, the sect that does not educate women above the 8th grade, she was attending college, so she was obviously no longer participating in her religion, but she was still this quiet, shy and demure little blonde with natural curly hair that went down to her waist, she was 5’2″ of gorgeous symmetrical proportions,  sorry the artist in me sneaks out of the anthropologist sometimes. I thought she was exaggerating………. till I heard her screaming at her also normally reserved husband. SCREAMING!  At the top of her lungs outside the house in the backyard, for god and everyone to hear, I cringed, literally. I had a half cellar with my washing machine in it and thought that this would be a good time to go do the laundry, I must admit her increasing volume and the pitter patter of her tiny feet across my porch had warned me she was en-route  I hid. I had laundry out to pretend to do if she caught me, but I was hiding.  She had turned into Godzilla on a rampage and this is no exaggeration.

That being said, you would think that since I am so against BPA and estrogen that I would not expose my beloved cat to it. He is on organic food and sometimes pumpkin, he loves pumpkin and it is hard to find pumpkin out of season, so I have let him have it in the can.  I had not thought about what I was doing to him till this week, when I ran out of the canned pumpkin and I started feeding him the pumpkin that I had processed myself. I was also baffled at his weight gain, he is always hungry but I am a mean mother and he only gets 1/3 of a cup a day.

My cat has always been my cat, not overly fond of others.  I have left him in the care of my mother while on trips and well they did not get along and he has just become increasingly surly over time.  He was better after I was home again for a while and we got back into our routine.  We are used to each other, and I was used to a ‘crazy’ cat. It has been a week of no BPAs and he is a new man cat! He is no longer surly, he purrs constantly now, he did not do this before! He cuddles, he was not a cuddlier  he was the ‘typical’ cat with an ATTITUDE. He was on estrogen, I will never do that to him or me again!

I am looking forward to seeing if removing the estrogen will also remove the bit of extra tummy he has, his energy levels have definitely improved, he is playing more and waking me up more…. double edged sword.  So take this precautionary tale as you will, there is science behind it, but I was surprised at the almost immediate and drastic changes in him after removing BPA/estrogen from his diet.

It is now February and since I wrote this in September, the changes continued to improve.  I now have a 4 year old kitten, I have also added a supplement to his diet, a turbo antioxidant and his toilet issues are all resolved now also, so no more need for pumpkin to settle his occasional tummy issues. Here’s to a happy cat and owner.

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6 thoughts on “BPA, estrogen, me, my friend and my cat…

  1. Ageless Male says:

    Nice job, it’s a great post. The info is good to know!

  2. Raspberry Pi says:

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  4. BPA is something new to me and thanks for bringing in insight on the issue. We always consume food packed in such plastic and actually many a times we don’t discard such containers since we can re-use those for carrying biscuits etc. during some short travels. It appears, in this century you don’t need to smoke to get cancer, plenty of other pitfalls of modern system are always making us easy prey of cancer.

    At some part of the post read about your mother, nice to know she is fine, I read about her serious health menace at doctors office few months back in one of your post and obviously remembered her through your writing.

    Liked a phrase you used – ‘sorry the artist in me sneaks out of the anthropologist sometimes’.

    Finally a request – please mention the full form of BPA in your post since I too had to use a search engine to derive it, other readers might face the same too. Its probably bisphenol A.
    Nonetheless thanks for the wonderful piece of craft!

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